Lumiere is a Wedding Video production company, based in Sydney, that understands that life’s most pivotal moments must be captured in a way that is synonymous with the event. Lumiere prides itself on delivering beautifully cinematic and evocative wedding videos to our clients.
With a technical production process stemming from years of professional Videography, Lumier offers a chance to connect emotion with sound and vision. Our fine results are accomplished by keeping up to date with the latest techniques and technology throughout the entire video production process. We start the process by filming on cinematic cameras such as the Canon 5D Mark 2, which captures incredible looking full frame 35mm imagery – and the rest of the process, from the sound recording, to the editing, graphics and DVD authoring, just has to follow suit, and does!
Lumiere also prides itself on taking the time to understand each client prior to the wedding day – we like to know what films you like and what music is in your Ipod. We respect that we are a part of a very special day and moment in your life, and believe that every wedding is unique to the couple. These considerations in combination with our creative minds and expertise results in refreshing coverage, that captures the essence of what transpires on the day, in a beautifully natural and compelling manner. There will be tears in your eyes and smiles on your faces!
A Lumier cinematic video is a valued memento to be treasured, and revisited, for the rest of your life, and for the generations to come.

Lumier is where memories live!

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